Saint Sophia Eastern Orthodox Cathedral is the
National Cathedral for The Holy Church of the East -
Antiochian Jacobite Succession.  We are located in
Columbus, Ohio USA.

Staffed by professed monks and dedicated lay volunteers
we are dedicated to serving the poor and the poorest of
the poor in the inner city.  

The Cathedral is open and staffed 24 hours per day.

Other organizations ancillary to the Cathedral are:

Saint Sophia Orthodox Monastery  is home to one
professed monk.

Saint Thomas Theological Seminary  priestly studies,
including offering internships in Inner-City Ministry.

Saint Sophia Academy is a parochial school organized with
support from the faculty of The Ohio State University and
the Ohio Department of Education.  The school enrolls
inner-city children ages 12 through 15 to enter advanced
studies in speed reading and core curriculem requirments
as if they were "gifted" students.  Additional incentives
for learning are provided.  Grades 6-12 can be completed
in a self-paced, individualized learning plan including fine
arts & dance, music, flight lessons, debate, and
participation in the Columbus Youth Commission.

We are located near The Ohio State University campus in
Columbus, Ohio where we have an active relationship with
faculty and student organizations.

Saint Sophia Community Center - One of our main
ministries is to provide a community drop-in center where
"all kids eat for free".  Summer and After-School
Programs are replete with wholesome activities and
instruction.  Cooking Lessons, field trips, basketball
workshops, and double dutch league are offered.  We
average 600 meals served per week in the summer and an
average of 300 meals served per week in the winter.

SALT of Columbus is an Ecumenical and Interfaith
organization designed to foster cooperation in service
among Christian and Non-Christian children of God and
their ordained priests, pastors, imams, rabbi's etc.   There
are several SALT organizations around the country
dedicated to service to the poor.  We presently have over
35 members in our local SALT chapter.  Our first project
was just completed where we gave 40 new complete beds
to children under 12 who didn't have beds.  Many had
never had beds of their own.  Other projects are underway
or in planning.  SALT is an acronym for SPIRITUALLY
About Saint Sophia Orthodox Cathedral


Metropolitan Archbishop
Mor John-Cassian [Lewis]

Metropolitan Archibishop
Mor Severius Moses


Reverend Father Theodosius

Reverend Father Gregorios

Reverend Father Ephraim