Holy Qurbana - 10 AM Sundays and Holy Days, 8 AM other

Monastic Prayer [open to public]- Morning Prayer 6 AM,
Midday Prayer 12 PM, Evening Prayer 7 PM

All Services Are Sung in English

Bible Study - Wednesdays After Evening Prayer

Choir Practice - Thursdays After Evening Prayer

Meditation Sessions for Beginners - Mondays 8 PM

Emergencies & Priestly Consultation - ANYTIME


Traditional Orthodox Christianity, Serving God by Serving the Poor
and the Poorest of the Poor in America's Inner Cities and Missions;

Bringing the Truth of Orthodox Christianity to the disenfranchised and
marginalized, the poor and forgotten...the Message of the Stable.

"While I am in the world, I am the light of the world."
John 9:4-6 (in context)

Ask About Our Community Ministries

All Programs are available for everyone whether they attend our
church or not.

Communal Ascension from Poverty
*Jobs Assistance Ministry
*Housing Ministry
*Family Emergency Assistance Ministry
*Living Benefits Assistance Ministry

Relief of Individual Suffering
*Crisis Intervention - 24 hours 614-517-6255
*Courtroom and Jailhouse Ministry
*Safe House / Safe Place Ministry
*National Runaway Switchboard
*Material Assistance Providers (MAPS)
*Family Violence Relief Ministry
*Drug & Alcohol Abuse & Support Ministry

Visible Community Transformation
*Potluck Floral Association
*Community Rat Patrols
*Drum Circle Events
*Midnight Basketball Workshops
*After School Program
*Summer Day Camp Program
*Family Suppers & Cathedral Park Events
*St Sophia Babysitters Club
*St Sophia Kiteflyers Club
*Community Service Volunteer Program
*Share-A-Ride Program

Pastoral Counseling
*Young Couples / Married Couples
*Young Mothers and Grandparents
*Kinship Care and Respite Care Sponsorship
*Spiritual Counseling

Interagency Cooperation
We enjoy working with all the 53+ individual agencies currently serving our inner city area in the Short
North of Columbus.  We especially thank the Ohio State University, Directions for Youth & Families,
Columbus Police, Children's Hunger Alliance, Drum Columbus, YWCA, City of Columbus, CAP-City
Kids, JOIN, Columbus Recreation & Parks, Port Columbus International Airport, Powell Civic
Association, Girl Scouts, Columbus Board of Education, Wendy's Restaurants, Weinland Park Civic
Association, Haller Enterprises, FED-ONE, and very many others.
Saint Sophia Orthodox Cathedral
Columbus, Ohio USA